There is no doubt about the fact that pressure washers are a great way of getting rid of stubborn dirt. However, choosing the right pressure washer accessories can go a long way in improving their efficacy. You may have the most powerful pressure washer. However, if you use accessories that are not optimal, your pressure washer output will take a beating. You may actually end up damaging your machine.

Take the case of an important pressure washer accessory-surface cleaner. A pressure washer surface cleaner is a very powerful attachment that helps clean driveways, concrete floors, roofs, and so on in the most efficacious way possible. Now, let us check how to select a surface cleaner.

If you are going to use it at home quite regularly, you need a moderately priced one. However, if you intend to use it for commercial use a more heavy duty  version would be the one to choose-something like a 15 to 20 inch cleaner.

Pressure washer gun and an extension wand are the most important pressure washer accessories of all. As the name suggests, the pressure washer gun is that part of a pressure washer that actually helps operate it. So it is critically important that you choose the right one. There are a number of things you have to look at when choosing a pressure spray gun. These include the specifications of the spray water gun in question. You may for instance want to go for a pressure washer gun that is compatible with a 3300 PSI that is compatible with most gas and electric models. What is important to determine is also if it is compatible with the existing hose. Then there is the fact of it being ergonomically designed or not and whether it comes equipped with a trigger safety lockout or not. A 360 degree rotating side- assist handle that adds to the comfort and ease factor is also a welcome addition.

A pressure washer extension wand is quite important as on it depends the size of surface area one will be able to access and clean. You have got to see if the wand is capable of handling the level of water pressure generated by your pressure washer. You should also find out if it is compatible with a gas or electric pressure washer.

Pressure washer hoses are the lifelines of the machines.These have got to be able to handle not just the water pressure, but the inevitable rough handling, turning and twisting, and all kinds of stress generating actions that are an integral part of a pressure cleaning job.

So it goes really without saying that hoses do get worn out quite often and need to be replaced. What do you look for when trying to buy hoses for your pressure washer. The first thing that you have got to select is the diameter of the hose. The most popular one seems to be the ¼ inch one. Professional cleaners might want to choose the 3/8 inch diameter one. The less used one is the 5/16 inch one.

The next important thing to look at is of course the host material. The choices that you have are between plastic, rubber or synthetic and polyurethane. The type of connection one’s pressure washer and gun have also dictated the kind of hose that you will buy. Finally the length of the hose matters too for on it depends the kind of range of distance that one can think about cleaning with a pressure washer. You could choose between a 25, 35 and 50 foot length of hose.


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