AR Blue Clean 383 Pressure Washer Review

When I first laid my eyes on AR Blue Clean 383, I was intrigued. How can this diminutive device with lightweight plastic exterior, weighing only 27 pounds and measuring 11.2 x 12.2 x 28.5 inches, can satisfactorily undertake the job of washing vast areas and leave them sparkling clean? Boy, was I in for a surprise!

Seeing it perform, I can safely say that with AR Blue Clean 383, you can bid adieu to soap and sponge. This 2-wheel electric AR Blue Clean pressure washer not only does a neat work of cleaning your area, but also uses 5 times less water. That’s not all, it requires a mere 10 minutes to complete the job. A great gadget for all the lazy bums out there, you can clean your car before you set out for office.

AR Blue Clean 383 Pressure Washer Review

Works efficiently

The best part is that it comes in such ready condition. You just need to get it out of the box, plug it and start using.

It is thanks to its amazing AnnoviReverberi Triplex 3 Axial Piston Pump that not only gets you off the blocks right away, but also makes cleaning more thorough and efficient. The 35-feet long power cord and 20-foot hose enables you to place it at a convenient distance without the risk of wetting the device.

The pump comes equipped with an onboard downstream detergent tank. Depending upon the nature of the cleaning job, you can fill it up with the required chemicals to put a gleam on whatever you are cleaning. What’s more, the two wheels of the Blue Clean power washer makes it highly manoeuvrable. This fully assembled device comes with different AR Blue Clean pressure washer parts and several copper and aluminium accessories.

Its long hose is housed in a hose reel from where it can be pulled to whatever length you require, up to 20 feet. After use, you can quickly and easily reel it in with the help of a crank. This prevents the hose from tangling up or coming in the way of your cleaning.

The hose also comes with a choice of two spray nozzles that are meant for different functions. One is an adjustable spray nozzle that can shoot pencil-like spray or a wider spray. The other is the turbo nozzle meant to ‘water blast’ broader spaces.

Turbo nozzle blasts water three times the speed of standard nozzle and its turbo lance also increases its power by using a pulsing and rotating spray. To give you an idea of the prowess of AR383 Pressure Washer, it is 40% more powerful than the standard garden hose.

Caters to user safety

 Electricity and water are not the best of friends, especially if they are in vicinity. AR383 pressure washer has safety in place. Its Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter reduces the chances of getting an electric shock. It also carries a certification form CSA International for safety.

Another unique feature of AR Blue Clean pressure washer is the Total Stop System. What does it mean? You can control it by the trigger gun that regulates its automatic safety valve and pressure shut-off at the head. One can lock the trigger by a lock button on the spray gun.

AR 383 Blue Clean power washer instructions

 It is good to be safe than to be sorry. So, pay heed to certain do’s and don’ts:


  • Use the power washer on hard surface only, such as driveways and cemented surfaces, since turbo lance provides high impact cleaning.
  • Clean the o-rings on the bayonet end of the adjustable lance and the detergent bottle regularly and lubricate them with non-water-soluble grease.
  • Use detergents available with AR – Auto Motorcycle, Boat and Universal. These are specifically meant for power washers.
  •  Mix the detergent with water in the correct ratio, that is, 10 parts water and 1 part detergent.


  • Use hot water, as it will overheat and damage the high-pressure pump.
  • Let water supply to exceed 150 psi.
  • Allow the power washer pump to run without water supply for over a minute to prevent the motor and pump from a burn-out.


  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Conserves water by using less water.
  • Energy efficient and more powerful than standard garden hose.
  • No noise pollution due to a quiet 11 AMP engine.
  • Comes with multipurpose nozzles.
  • Extendable power cord and hose.
  • Facility for reeling in and reeling out hose.
  • Comes with all safety features.


  •  Cleaning not as thorough as with hot water.
  •  Reeling in of hose not neat. Hose tends to curl up on itself.  
  • Plastic water inlets and outlets fragile and tend to break easily.
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