Best 5 Gas Power Washer Reviews

Let’s have a quick glance at some of the best gas pressure washers available in the market. This comprehensive gas power washer reviews will provide all you need to know about gas power washers –

  • Buying guide
  • Best brands
  • Detailed gas power washer reviews including pros and cons.

Before going any further, let me introduce you to the top 5 gas pressure washers available in the market.

Product ImageSimpson MSH3125-s reviewKarcher G2700 ReviewWEN PW31 pressure washer reviewsGenerac 6565 Power Washer ReviewPowerstroke PS80519B reviews
ProductSIMPSON MSH3125SKarcher G2700 WENPW31
3100 PSI
Generac-6565 Powerstroke PS80519B
BottomLineBy far the best gas power washerBest Value for MoneyReliable Pressure WasherApt for heavy-duty cleaning projectsAffordable pressure washer
ProsHonda Engine
Admirable Design
Upright & Foldable DesignQuick Change Nozzle
Never-flat wheels
Powerful Engine
Pro-triplex pump
Quite Affordable
Light-weight unit
ConsNo hot water sprayNo adjustable pressure regulatorLimited WarrantyExpensive model Heavy-WeightSuitable for cold-water usage only

Why you need a gas pressure washer?

You are a cleaning freak who cannot live in a messy and untidy environment. Everything needs to be perfect and in order – no doubt about it.

However, your busy professional life has averted you from cleaning the premises. You simply don’t have time to clean home for hours.

Can you associate with this situation? Well, then you may consider investing in a good gas power washer.

They feature a series of nozzles and accessories for the perfect kind of cleaning you always wanted. Moreover, they are powerful and have higher water flow rating.

Higher the psi, and water flow rating – higher the cleaning units. Hence, they make cleaning a breeze for you.

Best gas pressure washer reviewYou can use a gas pressure washer for cleaning decks, patio, and other large surfaces areas – all in a whoosh! PSI of gas power washers ranges between 2000 to 2800 psi and even more. Thus, gas power cleaners have the edge over other cleaning equipment providing you the “greed for speed.”

These pressure washers can tackle tough-to-clean concrete patio – believe it or not – they’re 3 times faster than the rest.

However, as with every other product, there are some downsides too. They are heavy and noisy. You also need to take care of mixing fuel and tuning things up to get started.

Moreover, these pressure washers require extra care and precise control than the usual electric models. Else, you may end up damaging wooden surfaces or even harming yourself.

Use a gas pressure washer with care, and it will in turn make your life easy.

Now, let us see what factors you need to consider before buying a gas-powered model.

Gas pressure washer buying guide

  1. Make sure to check the complete warranty details of engine, pump, and frame of the model carefully.
  2. Check whether the model features a low-oil shutdown sensor. This helps to safeguard the engine from damage. These sensors have small-sized float-type engines in them. The level sensors in the gas pressure sensor stops the engine when the oil level falls below a certain value. These sensors can run easily even if oil level is low, provided the oil pickup is sufficient.
  3. There are two types of gas pressure washers – Cold water and Hot water.

Hot Water Pressure Washer is fast and efficient compared to cold-water model and reduces your dependence on detergent. However, they tend to be costly, heavier, and requires more maintenance than the cold-water power washer.

Cold Water Pressure Washer can be used for the removal of the soil and substrate. Moreover, they are cheaper and simpler to maintain. It is portable and easy to carry around.

The downsides include its colossal dependence on detergents and take longer time to clean.

  1. Find out the purpose of your cleaning project – is it heavy-duty or light-duty cleaning that you are engaged into?
  2. Research about the weight of the gas pressure washer that you are planning to buy. Is it portable and easy to move around?
  3. You need to find out about the carriage frame construction of the gas pressure washer. This feature will help to make room for the engine and pump if your pressure washer has powerful units.
  4. Check whether the frame is welded with steel or not. If yes, then there must be a vibration isolator engine mounting inside it.

Now that you have learned a thing or two about gas pressure washer. Let us walk you through the gas pressure washer reviews that will help you to find your best cleaning partner.

Best gas power washer reviews

  1. SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125-S 3100 PSI

Simpson MSH3125-S pressure washer review

Simpson MSH3125-S

At the heart of Simpson msh3125 s, better known as Megashot Gas pressure washer, dwells a Honda GCV190 Engine. Even though it is a premium heavy-duty cleaning partner, it is lightweight as compared to other gas-powered pressure washers.

Moreover, it is portable and you can move it around easily, thanks to its 10-inch pneumatic tires.

It is easier to handle this washer than others in the same range due to its horizontal design. Its downside includes the axial cam pump, which doesn’t count in the list of durable pumps in the industry.

With psi of 3100 and water flow rating of 2.5 GPM, it looks quite good on paper as well. This implies that it has a cleaning power rating of 7750, quite impressive indeed.

In other words, any cleaning job is a breeze with this unit.

We’re not through yet. This pressure washer has patented PowerBoost technology that helps to provide a higher level of pressure at the nozzle.

Msh3125s has an advanced & ergonomic spray gun. You can change it from the range of 0 degrees to 40 degrees in the blink of an eye.


  1. It can clean any surface type.
  2. This pressure washer comes along with a triplex pump boost that quadruples its working efficiency.
  3. It features an ergonomic and easy-to-use design. You can move it in any direction as per the requirement.
  4. This product is cost-friendly and it has a long-duration warranty associated with it.


  1. The downstream injection system results in no vibration mechanism of the device.
  2. The pump attached to this pressure washer is of high quality and efficient. You can run it for longer durations of time.

Msh3125-s retains the DNA of Simpson. In a nutshell, it is a top-notch option to invest your hard-earned money. The smooth performance and attractive design combine with the high power and exquisite quality. Just get your best gas pressure washer today, what are you waiting for?


  1. Karcher G2700 Gas Power Washer

Karcher G2700 Pressure Washer

Karcher G2700 Power Washer

Kracher – the name is enough. It is well-known for its durable and most effective line of pressure washers in the industry. Recently, they have unveiled the all-new G2700 pressure washer.

OK, I know what you’re thinking – what is the G 2700 model all about? Does it have a powerful engine to sustain for the long-term? Is it suitable for heavy-duty applications? Is it apt for cleaning even the toughest surfaces?

The answer is yes, a REASSURING yes.

Kracher G2700 comes with a powerful 196 cc engine. It churns out water at a pressure of 2700 PSI and water flow of 2.5 GPM.

For the everyday household jobs, G2700 has the axial cam water pump, which suffices the power required. It has a reassuring weight that tells you that Karcher G2700 can deliver more power than you’d anticipate.

Let me show you how this pressure washer beats all in terms of the safety features it has incorporated in it.


  1. First of all, there is a trigger gun with a safety lock that is attached to it that prevents any accident. This feature comes handy when you are replacing the nozzles of the washer.
  2. There is a child safety lock equipped in it with a spray wand that avoids any injury.
  3. Folding handle helps in easy & compact storage.
  4. It has five professional nozzles attached to it, which gives you a myriad of spraying patterns.


  1. Absence of any sort of adjustable pressure regulator.
  2. Limited to cleaning projects which use cold water. Moreover, you need a water filter to ensure quality cleaning.

Are you planning to buy Kracher’s G2700? Just go ahead with G2700,it won’t disappoint you.With its safety features and over-the-top design, you can avail the benefits of the Kracher cleaning power!

3. WEN PW31 3100 PSI Gas Pressure Washer

WEN PW31 3100 PSI pressure washer reviewThe dust and dirt in your home must be bothering you. You dream of a clean and dust-free environment – so, how about you clean the siding, patio, driveway, sidewalk, wooden deck in a cord-free manner – Sounds good?

WEN PW31 gas pressure washer has an engine pump with 280 cc and 4-stroke capable of producing up to 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM). This unit is powered by a 208cc air-cooled OHV engine. This gas pressure washer has a backup of two years warranty.

This heavy-duty pressure washer has 12-inches diameter wheels allowing you to use it in all kinds of terrain and rough surfaces. You just need to slide back to the collar and choose from any of the five options.

Let’s get this show on the road and start with pros and cons of the pressure washer.


  1. Fairly simple controls on the washer unit.
  2. Nozzles are easy to change and replace
  3. Easy to handle.
  4. Easy installation process – you can get started as soon it arrives at your door-step.
  5. Corrective measure – If the pressure exceeds the specified PSI, the excess water will be released from the valve located near to the water inlet.
  6. Has an onboard soap tank which helps in your heavy duty cleaning projects.


  1. It comes with limited warranty – only 2 years.
  2. Expensive.

So yes, WEN PW31 on the whole, seems to work.

Then again, if you want to use a gas powered washer for some heavy-duty cleaning and commercial purposes, this one is a preferable choice.

4. Generac 6565 4,200 PSI 4.0 GPM Heavy Duty Gas Pressure Washer

Generac 6565 gas power washer reviewGenerac has been into pressure washing business since time immemorial. Homeowners and business owners equally prefer the cleaning equipment designed by Generac engineers.

Generac produces robust power washers, which amalgamates the features of a powerful engine and easy-to-use model. This model is one of the best gas pressure washer available in the market in terms of its pressure – a massive 4200 PSI. It has 420cc Generac OHV engine that can produce water flow up to 4200 PSI.

This sturdy yet elegantly designed power washer is aimed squarely at the power washing professionals.

Next, these gas pressure washers include five nozzle tips which are easy and quick to click: 0 to 45 degrees in variation with a 50-foot long hose. There is a high-performance axial cam pump attached to it, This helps to dissipate higher amounts of heat for longer time duration.

It has a welded frame and you can easily move it around. This feature helps to increase its durability.


  1. Powerful and durable.
  2. With power of 4,200 PSI and water flow of 4 GPM, it can be used for tardy heavy duty cleaning projects.
  3. It uses a triplex pump that ensures up to 4 times longer lifetime.
  4. The hose pipe is 50 feet long and provides larger area coverage in the cleaning operation.
  5. It uses two humongous wheels which provides sturdiness and traction with the ground.


  1. It needs more pulls (4 to 5 times) to start than the regular gas pressure washers
  2. Noisy.

Nevertheless, the remarkable features of this heavy-duty gas pressure washer overshadows the downsides and makes it a top choice in this list. Generac produces some of the best gasoline powered pressure cleaner in the range. Check them out!

5. Powerstroke 2200 psi Gas Pressure Washer

Powerstroke 2200 psi Gas Power Washer reviewsPowerstroke gives the all-new PS80519B a big facelift. PS80519B does come in the list of the best gasoline powered pressure washers. Power washing stats are quite impressive as well. With a water flow of 2.5 GPM and pressure of up to 3100 PSI, this is a model that you need to look upto .

It weighs just 32 pounds and is sleek and good to hold. It is the cheapest gas pressure washer in this chart. However, being competitively priced doesn’t imply that it would lose any of its essential values like power, durability and style.

There are multiple settings available as per your cleaning project. It includes the 15-degrees turbo setting and the pressure nozzles used at low pressure.

It has 7-inch wheels, which is claimed to be “never flat” by the manufacturer. This unique feature gives a boost to its portability. Moreover, it is a lightweight model which weighs only up to 55 lbs.

Hence, it is the best choice for users who need commercial grade cleaning power (189 cc OHC chain drive) right in their homes.

The frame of this model is quite compact and includes all the necessary components and accessories with it. Powerstroke PS80519 is certified by the PWMA. Moreover, it uses an aluminium axial cam pump.


  1. It uses a powerful engine that is good enough for cleaning all the areas in your home.
  2. Durable since it uses strong stainless steel in its engine and has a compact frame which increases its lifetime.
  3. It provides you with a variety of nozzles to choose from for a hassle-free cleaning experience.
  4. Light-weight and ultra-compact model which makes it portable and easy to handle.


  1. It is limited to cold-water usage only and thus cannot clean oil and grease.
  2. The pressure is not adjustable unless you make use of the soap applicator nozzle.

With the features and facilities incorporated in this gas-powered washer, the price is quite reasonable. Due to its high affordability and light-weight design, it is convenient to use for all your home cleaning projects.

Now that you have gone through the gas power washer reviews stated above, you know that pressure washers are essential outdoor cleaning tools. They save your time as it cleans faster– No doubt about it.

Now consider it this way you do not need to bend to clean and most importantly, it saves your money since it uses fewer gallons of water per minute, which equalizes to less water bill. With so many different options available, you can choose any according to your cleaning project needs – cleaning becomes fun!




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