Best 5 Light-Duty Pressure Washer (Reviews)

A light-duty pressure washer can be used as an ever-ready tool for all sorts of cleaning tasks. These power washers are versatile and makes the cleaning jobs easy through its array of nozzles. They are also the right fit for attaining the perfect angle and force of spray. Moreover, they are lightweight and features an attractive design.

You don’t need to be a ‘macho’ to use a light-duty model. Just attach it to the garden hose and you’re ready to go!

Summer has come – yet again – it is time to clean up.

Don’t you just hate it when everything around you is covered in a layer of dust and dirt and oh the greasy film!

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a pressure cleaner that can make all the cleaning tasks easier? A light-duty pressure washer will prove to be your saviour in day-to-day cleaning tasks.

You would need to invest in a pressure washer if:

  • You like things to be in order and wish to maintain your sweet home spotless.
  • You feel the need of cleaning around every other day since the dust irritates you.
  • For a cleaning savvy such as yourself, it is true that you may be spending not minutes but hours to clean, wash rather scrub the driveways, sidewalk, patio and what not.
  • You would like to spend the weekends with family, instead of battling with dirt.

Two years back, my friend shared a video of “Kracher”, the leader in pressure washers cleaning the Mighty Mount Rushmore – Black Hills, USA.

Seeing the video, I assumed that the pressure washer is suitable only for commercial use and gave away the thoughts of buying one and continued with everyday scrubbing – oh, and that’s tiring!

best light-duty pressure washer reviewsThree months later, my neighbour suggested that pressure washers are available in the light-duty versions too and Voila! I ordered my first pressure washer and I have and always will rely on this for all the cleaning projects, as they are just the best cleaning machines I have ever used!


If you use these light-duty pressure-washing units on a daily basis, then it will wear out at a faster pace. Opt for a medium-duty pressure washer if you wish to clean the premises on a regular basis (or if you wish to earn a living by cleaning your neighbour’s home).

So, who needs a light-duty pressure washer?

Portable pressure washer is the right choice for:

  • Cars, trucks & boats – Whether you are a car enthusiast, or you own a truck or boat, using a power washer can be the most effective way of getting the job done quickly.
  • Patio furniture – Patio furniture is supposed to be squeaky clean for your friends and family to sit on. With these light-duty pressure cleaners, you can engage yourselves in fast, easy and reliable cleaning.
  • Sidewalks – Brick and Concrete sidewalks can be washed easily by power washing to increase their lifespan.
  • Stairs – Scrubbing stairs manually can be tiring but when you have pressure washers, things become easier.
  • Fencing – Pressure washing fence can make them last longer and can restore a fence to make it brand new. And yeah, good fences make good neighbours.

Nevertheless, light-duty power washers are specially designed for less usage purposes unlike the commercial heavy-duty unit.

Product ImageGreenWorks GPW1702Greenworks GPW1950AR Blue Clean AR383SSSun Joe SPX1000 portable pressure washerKracher K2 Compact
ProductGreenWorks GPW1702GreenWorks GPW1950

AR Blue Clean AR383SS

Sun Joe SPX1000Kracher K2 Compact
BottomLineLight-weight model that makes life for usersGood deal given the power it deliversPowerful EngineBudget-friendly model for outdoor, home & auto cleaning activitiesA moderately priced solution apt for light to mid-duty applications
Pros1. Can use it either horizontally or vertically
2. 4-yrs Warranty
3. Light-Weight
1. Portable handheld-design
1. Meets PWMA Standard
1. Affordable model1. Easy to transport
2. Minimal storage requirement
Cons1. It might tip while using1. It supports usage in upgright mode only1. Output pressure varies at times1. Water leaks from hose connection point1.Lack of detergent reservoir


To begin with, let me walk you through the light-duty pressure washer buying guide for finding the best residential power washer you can use.

1. GreenWorks GPW1702 13 amp 1700 PSI 1.2 GPM light-duty Pressure Washer

“The New Beginning to a Sweaky-Clean Start”

GreenWorks GPW1702 Pressure Washer

GreenWorks GPW1702 Power Washer

GreenWorks GPW1702 comes out as #1 on this list and is easily one of the best pressure washers due to a variety of reasons. First of all, GPW1702 has a powerful motor that is able to generate as high as 13 amps of power.

Moreover, it can help to generate 1.2 gallons per minute water flow for dealing with all sorts of surfaces no matter how hard it is to clean.

The adjustable pressure of this washer makes it versatile for helping in cleaning a myriad of surfaces whether wood or concrete. It can be used vertically or horizontally according to the application.

It provides three spray nozzles that can connect to the spray wand quite easily. Each nozzle is designed for different purpose – like tackling stubborn dirt, light duty / general cleaning etc. Handy soap applicator makes the entire cleaning process a breeze.

It is easy to connect this pressure washer to any external outlet with the help of a power cord that comes along with it. The cord is as long as 35 feet – which means that you can use it conveniently wherever you want.

What’s more – this product by GreenWorks has four years of limited warranty – which means you are investing your money for the perfect power washer.

With all the pros this washer has, there are some cons as well. Due to the light weight of this unit, it is observed by many users that it tips off while using – which you certainly don’t expect from a power washer.

2.  GreenWorks GPW1950

“Keeping your world clean and tidy”

Greenworks GPW1950

Greenworks GPW1950 Pressure Washer

Are you searching for a pressure washer that can be used for cleaning the fences, plastic patio tables, driveways, staircase and the decks? Well, GPW1950 brought to you by GreenWorks is the answer for all your cleaning woes. Get ready to pressure wash sidewalk in your home.

The induction motor located inside GPW1950 is water-proof and thus ensures longer life span and delivers greater amount of power with over 1.2 gallons per minute water flow.

What makes this model stand out from the rest is its dual built-in soap tanks. It can be used in place of the sole soap tank used in other power washer models. The portable handheld and wheeled design enhances the ease of using it.

It includes multiple nozzles such as 0, 24 & 40 degrees Quick Connect Nozzles for all sorts of jobs.

Even though this model is quite small with smaller output gains, the use of wheels makes it reliable and convenient to use. The drawback of using this model includes its restricted use in the upright position only and thus cannot be used horizontally or vertically.

3. AR Blue Clean AR383SS light-duty pressure washer

“Offering the best of both worlds”

AR Blue Clean AR383SS

AR Blue Clean AR383SS Pressure Washer

For the first time, it dawns on you – what if you can clean a variety of surfaces like the outdoor patio chairs, driveways, decks, patios, sidewalks, etc. with ease…? It would be so great if a single machine can be used for all the tasks – isn’t that right?

Well, AR Blue Clean AR383SS can do all of this with its simple and versatile design. It has quick connects & different nozzles that can be easily connected to your garden hose which includes a multi-purpose spray as well as a 20 foot hose. This means that by connecting it to the garden hose, you can boost the power as much as 40 times.

Do you want even higher water pressure? Opt for the turbo nozzle which helps you to tackle even the stubborn dirt with ease.

GPW1950 has the capability of providing up to 1900 PSI and is portable as well. It has its own storage compartments to hold the power cord as well as the accessories included with it.

Moreover, this design meets the regulations and guidelines of Pressure Washer Manufacturers Association (PWMA) and comes with 1-year warranty. Peace of mind guaranteed!

It has an on-board detergent tank and an on/off switch, which was the first to be developed in a pressure washer. Overall, it is a good choice as an outdoor furniture cleaner but some users have complained about the leakage in the plastic hose adapter which can be easily replaced by brass male-to-male hose adapters.

4. Sun Joe SPX1000 1450 PSI portable pressure washer

“Innovation for a cleaner tomorrow”

Sun Joe SPX1000

Sun Joe SPX1000 Power Washer

Do you want to clean boats, motorcycles, decks, sidewalks, patio, siding, barbecue, trailers, lawn décor etc using a single machine?

Get this:

SPX1000 brought to you by Sun Joe has the capability of doing all the things mentioned in this list with its 1450-PSI & 1400-watt motor and maximum flow rate of 1.45 gallons per minute. And you know what all these numbers mean – faster cleaning, less workload and fatigue and that sound pretty convincing.

The 33-inch spray wand that comes with SPX1000 can be used for various purposes due to its versatile design and twist nozzle (zero-degree jet spray to forty-five degree fan spray) which can help you to control the water pressure.

In addition to that, SPX1000 has safety features such as the trigger safety lock system along with TSS (Total Stop System) technology and comes with the approval of the CSA.

Even though the pressure hose is a bit shorter than others in the same range (21 inches), it is a useful product if you use it the way it is meant to be, i.e. for the basic day-to-day cleaning projects.

5. Kracher K2 Compact light-duty Pressure washer

“The Cleaning Expert on Duty”

Kracher K2 Compact Pressure Washer

Kracher K2 Compact Power Washer

If you need a light-weight, compact as well as sufficing amount of power for your daily cleaning tasks, you can try the Kracher’s K2 Compact Electric Pressure Washer. This pressure cleaner has a compact structure weighing 14.5 pounds only! It also takes minimum storage area and the light-weight makes it an ideal choice for light duty outdoor cleaning projects.

Kracher K2 has an N-COR pump that is reliable, durable and powerful. And on the top of all this – it doesn’t require much maintenance and doesn’t corrode. Yes, that’s right. It can deliver 1600 PSI and 1.25 GPM flow rate of water.

The GFCI power cord spans up to 35 feet. The pressure hose is as high as 20 feet, and thus this pressure cleaner can easily cover wider area.

It can be easily carried around as it features a portable compact design and a fixed handle. Thus, it takes less storage space in your garage.

You can remove moss from the sidewalks, clean the driveways, wash your cars or motorbikes etc. with this pressure washer.

Then again, Kracher K2 stands out with its Dirtblaster Wand which enhances the net pressure by 50%. Guess whay? This is almost 30x pressure of a regular garden hose. The greatest advantage of this pressure washer over others is its affordable price.


Now that you have gone through the light duty pressure washer reviews , you know that pressure washers are essential outdoor cleaning tools. They save your time as it cleans faster depending upon the different motors, design and model. You do not need to bend to clean. Most importantly, it saves your money since it uses less water, which equalizes to less water bill.

When you clean your home’s siding, driveway, sidewalk, staircase, garage etc., it also enhances your home value. With so many different options available, you can choose any according to your cleaning project needs – cleaning becomes fun! Want to see how it works right now? Grab one now.  


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