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Simpson Pressure Washers are a great brand with a sterling reputation. Their expertise in designing and manufacturing a versatile range of pressure washers that can manage all manner of cleaning jobs is unparalleled. It has been a part of the FNA group since 2006, who are known as the last word on best quality pressure washers and outdoor equipment.

Simpson pressure washer reviewsThe fact that the FNA group is vertically integrated means that they manufacture most of the spare parts and accessories for their pressure washers themselves. Simpson Pressure Washers began as a Mom and Pop enterprise started by Jack and Betty Simpson of Florida.

Do you know how it all started? Jack Simpson had converted the engine of a peanut harvester into a pressure washer in the 1960’s.

The first Simpson Pressure Washer was developed in a garage. Simpson Cleaning System grew to employ more than 100 employees and by the 1980s had moved into a new building.

Jack sadly died of cancer in 1991. Betty ran the company for another four years after Jack’s demise but ultimately sold it to a Danish firm Kew Cleaning Systems. Simpson Pressure Washers now belongs to the FNA group brand.




Product ImageSimpson cleaning PS4240H reviewssimpson-MSH3125S reviewssimpson MS60673-S reviewsSimspon PS 3228-S reviewssimpson-PS3835 reviews
ProductSIMPSON Cleaning PS4240HSimpson MSH3125-S MegaShotSIMPSON Cleaning MS60763-S
Simpson Cleaning PS 3228-SSIMPSON Cleaning PS3835
BottomLineCaters well for professional users, though bit expensiveValue buy - go for it if you are not in need of extremely high-powerAffordable and compact modelApt for regular usagePowerful power washer, suitable for pressure washing professionals.
ProsPowerful unit and features triplex pumpRobust and durable
CARB, EPA certified
Made of high-quality components
Quiet operation
Lack of separate tank for soap-dispenser
Cant use hot-waterAxial pump
Bit challenging to restart hot engineExpensive
Can back-fire

Best Simpson Pressure Washer Reviews

SIMPSON Cleaning PS4240H 4200 PSI at 4 GPM Gas Pressure Washer

World class performance and pedigree to tackle the toughest dirt

simpson PS4240H reviewsThis doughty performer is powered by Honda, and its power boost technology enables push start convenience. But that’s not all. It’s 50’ hose, and low oil shut-down mechanism makes it one of the most hassle-free machines of its type. There is also a siphon tube for convenient application of detergent. With 4200 PSI, the Simpson Gas Pressure Washer can knock the stuffing out of any kind of dirt.

Built tough with a welded steel frame it comes equipped with heavy duty steel axles mounted on pneumatic tires. This helps it to tackle even the harshest environment. Needless to say this Simpson power washer is loved by contractors and cleaning professionals for its power, ruggedness, and ease of operation.

The incredible Honda GX390 OHV Engine

Ready? Here’s the thing. The technologically superior 398 cc, 4 stroke wonder with an overhead valve design is extremely efficient and dependable. Easy to start it is environmentally friendly as it meets EPA and CARB emission standards.

The AAA-rated Comet Industrial Triplex Pump completes the power-crammed package.


1. Easy to set up and start.
2. Multiple Power settings
3. Runs quietly


1. Problem restarting the engine if hot.
2. No separate tank for the soap dispenser.
Conclusion- A versatile and easy to use Gas Pressure Washer that can handle any challenging environment. Great for intense cleaning.

Simpson MSH3125-S MegaShot

Pressure washer with a jumbo heart that can take on any kind of pressure cleaning job

Simpson MSH3125-s reviewThis Honda Simpson pressure washer is quite a buy. Powered by the redoubtable Honda GCV190 engine, this is quite a powerful gas pressure washer.

Let me explain.

This is a full sized heavy duty machine which generates 3100 PSI and 2.5 GPM power.

A horizontal oriented design and 1o inch pneumatic tires make it quite mobile for its size. But one thing’s for sure, its patented Power Boost Technology makes sure that you can clean about pretty much anything.

A pro-style spray gun with five pressure settings make Simpson cleaning msh 3125 a formidable pressure cleaning machine. A 25-foot kink and abrasion proof hose along with a pump capable of producing a high powered spray with less vibration make its operation quite convenient.

The safety is ensured by the ergonomic spray gun being equipped with a safety lockout preventing any inadvertent activation. The machine is environment-friendly too as it meets EPA and CARB emission standards.


1. Can clean the most stubborn of stains.
2. Very powerful.
3. Long efficient hose.


1. No hot water spray

A powerful gas pressure washer for professional style cleaning

SIMPSON Cleaning MS60763-S

User-friendly but power-packed pressure washer that is quite handy at home and shop

Simpson MS60763 reviewsThe Simpson Cleaning MS60763-S generates a pretty good pressure of 3000 PSI at 2.4 GPM. This combined with its handy size makes it just right for home-owners. But that’s not all.

Its Kohler engine ensures that the Simpson Megashot 3000 makes it quite easy to clean sidings, fences, car, driveways and so on quite easily.

To top it off, it is quite easy to start it. A user-friendly nozzle, gun, and hose make operating this machine much easier.

The heavy-duty welded steel frame provides a safe and sturdy base for the pressure washer. Besides, the wand, hose, and nozzle can easily be stored away in the onboard accessory storage. The lifelong low maintenance pump is capable of delivering 2.4 million gallons of water per minute.


1. Power
2. Sturdy
3. Safe


1. Noise

A sturdy home and shop pressure washer that is safe and easy to operate.

Simpson Cleaning PS 3228-S 3200 PSI at 2.8 GPM

Commercial gas pressure washer that is convenient and cheap

Your search for an economical but robust pressure washer end with this one.

Let us explore.

The SIMPSON PS3228-S is a commercial gas pressure washer that generates a creditable 3200 PSI at 2.8 GPM that will help one to get rid of dirt, grime and mildew from just about any hard to clean spot.

Now here comes the best part. To be able to produce this magnitude of power it was essential for the machine to have high-quality parts like its triplex plunger pump equipped with the parented Power Booster technology developed by AAA. This pump makes very little noise or vibration and does not heat up very quickly.

Besides, the kink and abrasion resistant 25-foot MorFlex hose is up to some heavy duty cleaning. There are multiple nozzle tips provided to ensure that you can do your pressure washing just the right way. The safety feature is taken care of by way of heavy gauge frame components, welded frame construction in 10-inch pneumatic tires. That apart the spray gun is equipped with a safety lock-out.


1. Economical
2. High quality parts
3. Quiet


1. Can be difficult to restart a hot engine.

A heavy duty pressure washer that does not cost the earth.

SIMPSON Cleaning PS3835 3800 PSI at 3.5 GPM Gas Pressure Washer

Steps up to the plate when it comes to rigorous cleaning

Simpson PS3835 reviewsThis Simpson power washer is in a class of its own.

Let us learn how.

This power washer is aimed squarely at the cleaning professionals. Very powerful, yet compact, this is ideal for contractors who can use it for deck cleaning, paint preparation, wood restoration, graffiti removal and so on. Keep in mind that it is powered by the commercial series Honda GX OHV engine.

Moreover, the Simpson Cleaning PS3835 is also equipped with the high-quality AAA industrial Triplex plunger pumps that are supported by PowerBoost technology and ceramic pistons. Other features include on-the-go instructions for operations and the provision of a secondary handle for protection. That apart, it has a pro-style spray wands with five quick connect nozzle tips (o, 15, 25 and 40 degrees) including a soap applicator.


1. Very powerful.
2. Compact
3. High-quality plunger pump


1. Might back-fire.

Best Simpson Pressure Washer Accessories

Now, let us check out some of the Simpson pressure washer accessories which make the life a lot easier.

Simpson Cleaning 80166 Universal 15 inch scrubber is incredible in cleaning driveways, garage floors, patios, sidewalks and so on.

Another handy accessory is the Simpson cleaning 40224 3100 PSI Cold Water Replacements(1/4” x 35’), extension hose, which is polyester braided and just right for cold water pressure washers. It also comes equipped with More Flex technology which imparts flexibility and kink resistance. That apart, it is supported by M22 fittings with dual O ring design.

Simpson cleaning 80157 Universal Pressure Washer Spray Nozzles, and the Simpson Pressure Washer quick connect spray tips help to replace eroded or missing spray tips that are right for hot and cold water pressure washers rated to the extent of 3600 psi. The whole set comprises of 4 high-pressure spray nozzles and one low-pressure spray nozzle with an entire range of spraying patterns to handle a slew of cleaning jobs.

The Simpson Cleaning 80155 Universal Pressure Washer 3 Orifice Size Turbo Nozzle for cold water pressure washers is capable of carrying out quick and comprehensive cleaning. Thanks to its formidable oscillating jet of water that is just right for pressure washers rated up to 3600 psi. Turbo nozzle helps to reduce cleaning time by a whopping 50%.

For gas pressure washers there is the SIMPSON Cleaning 82235 Dial-N-Wash Professional Pressure Regulator for Gas Pressure Washers. This enables one to perform the correct cleaning application with a mere twist. No walking back to the machine every time you want to choose a different application. This enables you to clean many surfaces without too many hassles


SIMPSON pressure washers have a formidable reputation in terms of quality and reliability. That apart, these premium machines are quite versatile in what they can get accomplished. They have great features which help in all kinds of cleaning solutions. A great decision to buy one of these for sure.

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