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We’re back with yet another interesting article on Karcher pressure washer reviews. Here’s a ready reckoner that helps you to select the best Karcher Power Washer. Wonder why Karcher is the best pressure washer brand? Read on…

Karcher the family run German company with a global footprint is renowned for its range of cleaning equipment which includes power washer, floor cleaners, military sanitization units etc. The business is based in Winnenden, Germany. They specialize in producing cleaning gears and full-fledged cleaning systems.

Keep reading and you will find many more interesting facts about the Karcher.

Important Facts about Karcher

They have come up with over 1300 patents and utility models that bear testimony to sheer innovation and marketing prowess of the company. Karcher is the defacto standard when it comes to comes to cleaning technology and employs a whopping 10000 people worldwide. Yes, you read that figure right, it is 10000.  But wait, there’s more. The year 2014 saw the company achieved sales revenue of 2.12 billion Euros or $2.84 bn. This accrued from sales of 12.72 mn machines. Besides, Karcher has 100 holdings in sixty  countries!

Karcher received the audit berufundfamilie certificate in 2014, an honor bestowed upon companies that support continuing education and family friendly initiatives at the workplace.


Alfred Karcher (1901 to 1959), hailing from the town of Baddem Württemberg set up the firm way back in 1935 in Stuttgart making only industrial submersible heating components. Post many trials, a toughening kiln for alloys christened Karcher Salt Bath Furnace was produced. They were able to sell around 1200 units by 1945.

Big News:

Karcher produced the trailblazing power cleaner, named DS 350 in 1950 transferring the focus to cleaning gear meant for both personal and private use. Ever since then Karcher has owned the segment by constantly designing and developing better power cleaners.

The firm’s range of products has grown over the years to encompass every aspect of cleaning- wet and dry vacuums, dry ice blasting equipment, sweepers, vacuum cleaners and so on. Pumps and watering systems are the other things they are into. How can their competitors beat this?

Well the next interesting thing you hear about them is the fact that company’s corporate colors altered from blue to yellow in 1974. The year also saw Alfred Karcher’s widow and successor Irene Karcher launched the first power washer for private users-the HD 555.

Karcher also happens to own the mighty US brands Hotsy, Landa and Shark, and Cuda parts cleaners.

Want to know the best part? Karcher are also the principal provider of cleaning equipment to NATO and the American army.

Interesting Facts about Karcher

Karcher has also showcased its abilities in major restoration projects across the globe-a whopping 100 of them. These range from the iconic Mount Ruhsmore-Blackhills in the USA to the Lingshan Buddha in China- Karcher sure knows its job! That apart, Karcher has undertaken other notable projects like the Prague National Theatre, the London Eye, University of Tubingen and the Vigeland Sculpture Park

Karcher rendered its car washing services at the 2014 and 2015 Paris-Dakar Rally and in the 2016 edition as well.

 Karcher K1900 Electric Pressure Washer

The all-new Karcher K 1900 Power Pressure Washer offers premium cleaning services and super convenience. Keep reading and you will find out how. The Karcher Pressure Washer offers 1900 PSI of Trupressure that ensures the optimal cleaning power.  Add to it, a robust induction motor made out of sturdy integrated components known for its longevity. Other than this, it comes with a quick connect wand and a standard M22 connection for the hose. What does it mean to users? Well, you can use Karcher K1900 as easy as using a hosepipe.

The thing about the trigger safety gun lock is that it prevents the trigger from getting inadvertently engaged.  This comes in handy when you are replacing the nozzle or not using the unit.

But wait-there’s more.

Karcher Electric Pressure Washer comes equipped with ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI), which is integrated into the plug of the power supply cord. This prevents the risk of electric shock.


As this unit is capable of generating 1900 PSI pressure, it makes sense not to operate the pump with Karcher Pressure Washer parts that are not commensurate with that kind of pressure. Not doing so will put you at risk of a rupture and injury.

Now, let us check out key features of K1900:

Extra Storage-  A fair sized removal storage bin can store your accessories or other items of use while you do the cleaning. The power cord can be stored away because of the great cord management system.

Removable Detergent Tank- This Karcher Electric Pressure washer also provides the user a 1 gallon detergent tank to facilitate easy application of detergent.

Rotating Handle- This unit is also equipped with a space saving rotating handle that is foldable and amenable to easy storing, post the completion of the task. Now, that is a cool feature, right?

Furthermore K 1900 is commensurate with all Pressure Washers Manufacturers Association (PW0101) requirements. This makes sure that these get the right PSI and GPM ratings.


  1. Three-year warranty.
  2. Portability because of its smaller size.
  3. Less expensive
  4. Less noisy


  1. Not very powerful in terms of motor capacity.
  2. Portability restricted by the length of the power cord.

Karcher K2 Plus Electric Pressure Washer

This Karcher Electric Pressure Washer weighs only 16.8 pounds without accessories. But it is good enough for home cleaning jobs. It delivers 1600 PSI and a 1.25 GPM water flow rate, K2 Plus is most economical when it comes to any outdoor cleaning projects.

There are ample cable hooks to facilitate neat storage of cable right above the device.  This is just right for those who are strapped for storage space and prefer light gadgets. Keep reading and you will find out more.

The gadget comes with a pro-style spray gun, as well as two superb spray wands-the dirt blaster and the Vario Power Spray Wand (VPS).

Dirtblaster Spray Wand

Want to remove stubborn stains? Go with the Dirtblaster Wand that increases the effective pressure by 50%. This can generate up to 30 times the pressure of a typical garden hose and can stand repeated use. Well, this stats is quite impressive, right?

But wait: there’s more.

Vario Power Wand

This one is adjustable and allows you to alternate between slow and high pressure and any level in-between during cleaning. What’s more, it automatically dispenses detergent in low mode. If that’s not versatility, then what is?

Convenient and Economical

With 35 foot GFCI power cord and 20-foot high pressure hose, the K2 plus lets you clean a wide area. Convenient 6.3-inch rear wheels along with a sturdy fixed handle allow you to move the gadget around the home or yard.  That apart it comes with an N-COR Pump that is sturdy, requires no maintenance and is also non-corrosive. You can’t get a pressure washer of this class that is more convenient and economical. No wonder these are so popular.

Applying Detergent

Apply detergent at only low pressure. For that you will need to install the Vario Power Spray wand and set the spray to the low pressure setting (Mix) and voila-the detergent will be applied in the optimal manner.

Karcher G2700 Gas Pressure Washer

The Karcher G2700 Gas Pressure Washer is indeed a sturdy line of machines for the home. Equipped with a welded steel frame the Karcher G2700 is built to last. The thing about this power washer is that it has a power packed 196cc engine that produces a healthy 2700 PSI water pressure and 2.5 GPM water flow. That generates the optimal amount of cleaning power for household jobs. How can you beat that?

Wait, there’s more. The axial cam water pump also helps which is better than the entry-level wobble pumps. Then there is the trigger gun safety lock that doesn’t allow the trigger gun to get engaged accidentally.

It is important to note that you have to keep the wand at a distance 6 to 8” (15 to 20 cms) from the surface at an angle of 45 degrees to obtain optimal cleaning results.

The best part is that it includes child safety on the wand that could prevent injury. Remember that the maximum idle time is only 5 minutes.

Then there is the folding handle that helps in convenient and efficient storage of the Karcher Pressure Washer. There are 5 pro style quick connect nozzles that allow you to select convenient spray patterns for all cleaning chores at home.


The tire pressure should not exceed max 25 psi. Use this product only in a well-ventilated area. Never use it indoors or in a confined space. Make sure to change the engine oil after the first 5 hours of using the pressure washer and thereafter every 50 hours.

The garden hose has to be at least 5/8 inch diameter. The flow rate of supply must not fall below 2.4 GPM (gallons per minute). The temperature of the water supply is not to fall below 122 degrees Farenheit or 50 degrees Celsius.


  1. Engine oil exhaust contains carcinogenic chemicals as per Californian norms and can also lead to birth defects and other kinds of reproductive harm. Operating this equipment could cause sparks leading to outbreak of fire around dry vegetation.
  2. Absence of pressure regulator

Karcher K 3.000 Follow Me Power Washer 

The Karcher Follow Me Pressure Washer  is an interesting new product from the Karcher portfolio. It is unique because it is both powerful as well as extremely portable, besides being very reliable indeed. Yes you read that right.  The Karcher K 3.000 is much more powerful  and sturdier than the normal garden hose.

Though the washer is reasonably powerful, the water release rate is a modest 1.3 GPM. But then the extremely efficient power wands Vario Power and DirtBlaster compensate by helping conserve water. This pressure washer has an N-Core corrosion resistant water pump. Though the hose size is not very large it is effective enough to clean an area as large as 7500 square feet.

But what really clinches it for the Karcher Follow Me Pressure Washer is its “Follow Me” design. With four wheels including a front steerable one it makes the movement of the spray hose extremely smooth. You don’t need to run back and forth to accomplish effective spray cleaning.

You may be wondering, what else is there to like? Well there is the fat and compact design. Then there is the portability and the small box like structure that makes storage oh-so-easy. As it is only 13 inches high, you can easily fit it into the lower shelf of your work garage. It weighs only 15 lbs., which makes a lot of sense from the storage point of view.

Karcher Follow Me features at a glance

  1. Unique Four Wheel Base: Huge rear wheels support the front casters. This helps to move things around easily. Try using it the next time you fancy some pressure washing.
  2. Dirt Blaster Spray Wand: This wand can rotate 360 degrees facilitating hand cleaning of surfaces. NEVER EVER use it to clean delicate surfaces.
  3. Vario Power Spray Wand: Enables you to switch between high and low pressure modes for better cleaning. According to Karcher this wand is 80% more efficient.
  4. Onboard Detergent Tank: Ensures equal distribution of soap as well as bio degradable detergent. Always, go with the Karcher bio degradable detergent for best results.


  1. Ease of use-The 4 wheel including front casters and oversized rear wheels facilitate easy movement.
  2. Efficient-Great at preserving water with it saving 80% water when compared with a garden hose.
  3. Powerful-The motor provides water pressure of 1600 PSI, good enough to wash away the toughest dirt.
  4. Secure-Trigger gun cones equipped with child safety lock.
  5. Easy Storage-With Dimensions of 21.7×12.8 x12 inches and a weight of 16.3 pounds it is easy to store. Storage unit especially crafted for this pressure cleaner makes storage even easier.
  6. Ergonomic design- This provides power, comfort and efficiency in a portable package. Besides, the Quick Connect System makes assembly a breeze.


  1. Corded device-At the end of the day that does restrict movement. A cordless device would be better any day.
  2. Erratic Water Jet- The water jet of the Vario Power Spray is configured only at the higher settings.
  3. Leakage- The plastic hose connectors can and do leak water. You will either need to wrap KR3 water inlet jet with Teflon tape or replace the plastic containers with the metal ones.

Karcher K5 Premium Electric Pressure Washer

This Karcher Electric Pressure Washer has a patented water cooled induction motor. Hence, one can expect upto five times longer life-span on this water-cooled motor. That apart the efficiency of the motor is also much enhanced in the case of the K5 premium power washer. There’s also an N Cor Pump that is non-corrosive and maintenance free, making it truly sturdy.

What does this mean for you? Better performance.  Add to it the powerful 14-amp motor that can produce as much as 2000 PSI. It is definitely a bang for the buck.

It is ideal for removing the toughest and most stubborn of stains.


Never use parts rated less than 200 PSI working pressure with Karcher K5. This requirement is not limited to spray guns, hose and hose connections. Any part you intend to use with K5 should be able to bear this pressure level.

Perhaps you could refer to the Karcher Pressure Washer Manual for the right instructions.   With a flow rate of 1.5 gallons per minute one can obtain super performance and superior cleaning.  Instead of special nozzles, this unit is equipped with two specialized wands-Vario and Dirtblaster.

The Vario band is eminently suited for cleaning different surfaces as it allows you to adjust the cleaning pressure-

  1. High pressure setting (Max) for cleaning with maximum power.
  2. Low pressure setting is achieved by turning the wand collar to minimum setting.
  3. For applying detergent the wand needs to be positioned at low pressure setting.

Best results are obtained by using Karcher bio degradable detergent.


The nozzle comes fitted with a zero degree pencil jet that can rotate 360 degrees. This achieves best dirt cutting result and improves cleaning efficiency by as much as 50%. This is because the nozzle combines the high cleaning efficiency of the pencil jet with the wide sweep of the broad angle nozzle. However it might not be used for sidings, soft materials, decks, autos, painted surfaces and the like.

This unit is CSA International certified and just right for use in residences. The on-board detergent tank makes application of detergent quite easy because of the adjustable detergent flow dial.

There’s also a built in 25 foot high pressure hose that makes winding and unwinding quite convenient. The power cord is equipped with GFCI protection and extends up to a length of 35 feet.

  • A garden hose needs to be at least 13 mm or 16 mm (1/2 inch or 5/8 inch) diameter.
  • The flow rate cannot be less than 7.6 L per minute (2 GPM/ gallons per minute). The water supply temperature is not to exceed 40 degree Centigrade/104 degree Fahrenheit)


  1. It is very safe.
  2. Quite portable.
  3. Very reasonably priced.
  4. Low maintenance
  5. It is not very noisy
  6. Better suited for indoor use.
  7. Two year warranty


  1. Restricted portability on account of having to use a cord.
  2. Yanking the hose can tip the unit.
  3. Rigid hose makes reeling difficult

Karcher accessories and parts

Are you checking for Karcher Power Washer accessories and parts? Let’s get into the business finding out what works for us

  • Karcher Vario Power Spray Wand  This enables you to alternate between low and high pressure even when you are cleaning. It automatically doles out detergent if operated on low pressure mode.
  • Replacement Quick Connect Adapter Kit – The Karcher Quick Connect Replace Kit can be used as the replacement set with regards to the water inlet on pressure washers. That apart you can use it in place of garden hose quick connect adapters on Kracher models. Besides, these can be put to use to change threaded connectors on Karcher gas power cleaners to quick connect.
  • Karcher 25 foot replacement hose -The Karcher 25 foot replacement hose comes with 4 adapters that are compatible with both quick connect, as well as M22 threaded connections. The 25 feet long high pressure hose has a rating of 3600 PSI and is compatible with most brands of electric and gas powered pressure washers. These are compatible with Karcher gas models of rating up to 3600 PSI as well as Karcher electric model K1700-K2000. However, you cannot use it with Karcher Electric Model K2-K5.
  • Karcher Replacement Trigger Hose Spray Gun & 25 feet hose set – This provides the most cost effective way of replacing or upgrading a trigger gun and high pressure hose (25 Ft) for the electric range of Karcher Power Pressure Washers. You can also refurbish an old Karcher electric pressure washer to quick connect. The trigger gun is compatible with Karcher electric pressure washers of rating up to 2000 PSI. However, this is not compatible with units that are equipped with on board hose reel.
  • Karcher Dirtblasterspray wand – Dirtblaster® Rotary spray wand leverages patented technology to enhance the effective pressure. It can boost the pressure generated by the Karcher Electric Pressure Washer by up to 50%. That makes it perfect for intense cleaning, but not so much for cleaning delicate surfaces.
  • Karcher T300 Hard Surface Cleaner – This particular surface cleaner from Karcher takes care of large surface areas. That includes garage floors, decks, driveways and courtyards. With the large size cleaning head, variable pressure dial and 32 inch ward extension, the T300 is up to your most challenging cleaning jobs. There are locking joints that allow the extension wands to bolt upright thereby facilitating breaks or easy and convenient storing.

Thus Karcher Power Pressure Washers are easily trail blazers in their product category as evidenced by the sheer large numbers they have sold. The popularity of Karcher Power Pressure Washers of both the gas and electric types bears testimony to the quality of these machines. This is just as true of their accessories and parts that ensure that the users of their extensive line of pressure washers have no trouble in operating these wonderful cleaning units.

The Karcher legacy is indeed a well-earned one and the coming days should see them growing from strength to strength.





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