Generac 6923 Pressure Washer Review

If you are looking for a power washer that allows you to do herculean tasks of cleaning in residential areas such as concrete surfaces, preparing surface for painting, garage, driveway etc., then Generac 6923 pressure washer 3100 psi is a preferable choice.

Let us walk you through the Generac pressure washer reviews that can help you to get to know about the product.

Generac 6923 Review

The gas powered pressure cleaner is designed basically for the ergonomic purposes. For instance, the spray gun, large detergent tank and cushion grip handle enhances your comfort levels in cleaning. The frame, spray tips, pressure hose, engine connections are all made of high quality materials.

The Generac power washer has a strong, durable and reliable 196 cc OHV horizontal-shaft engine and due to its oversize, this weighs at 57 pounds. The pump of the washer is a considerable amount above the ground at the same level as the engine.

You must read the Generac user manual for ensuring that the motor is not damaged – this washer is not as easy to handle as it looks.

 It has a 25 foot high-pressure hose which is highly convenient to hold. You need to connect it to the rear of the spray gun. The washer also has a thicker cushion and longer spray gun which enhances the comfort in cleaning.

This includes 4 easy-to-change nozzle tips which allow you to avail the benefits of generac speedwash and reduces the downtime.

It has all the controls in a single location such as the on/off button, fuel shutoff, low oil indicator etc which makes it user-friendly.

Is there anything else I need to know?

You must make sure that you always use fresh & unleaded gasoline with a rating of 87 octane/87 AKI (91 RON) minimum. Make sure that you do not use E85 or gas oil mix with a fuel stabilizer before storing.

The next thing you should know about is that you must not run the tank without enough supply of water. Moreover, if you fail to follow the basic water supply requirements in the manual, you can void its warranty.

Do not use the Generac power washer indoors, but outdoors where there is proper ventilation. Make sure that you do not use this near building openings where its exhaust may enter, ensure at least 1.5 metres of clearance.

Last but not the least, do not handle, move or store the unit at an angle above 15 degrees and use only the black nozzle with the detergent.


  1. Useful for tough cleaning
  2. No-fatigue usage due to easy-to-pull handles with cushion grip.
  3. High convenience due to 25-foot high-pressure hose connected to spray gun.
  4. Uses less water with comprising on the quality; saves your money
  5. On-board detergent tank for heavy-duty cleaning.
  6. Easily manoeuvrable due to well-balanced pump & engine over the axle.


  1. The extension of pressure wand can unscrew quite easily.
  2. Suction tubes of the washer can come easily in your way while cleaning (you can fix it with zip ties).
  3. Stiff hose connection on the muffler side which makes it hit the melt and muffler.


Generac 6293 is the best gas pressure washer when you want to clean siding or large decks. It has a powerful motor which reduces your cleaning time and makes the task simpler by quadruple times as compared to other cleaning devices of the same price range. Generac 6923 has an oversized motor which is meant for heavy-duty cleaning purposes. You can’t use it inside your homes. Happy cleaning, folks!


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