Hot Water vs. Cold Water Pressure Washers(Which one to buy)

When it comes to pressure washing, we have plenty of options:

  1. Hot water Pressure Washer
  2. Cold Water Pressure Washer
  3. Electric Power Washer
  4. Gas Power Washer

….. and the list rolls on….

One of the most talked about topics here at PressureWashLab is: Which is better option – Hot water or Cold water power washer?

In this hot water vs. cold water pressure washer comparison article, I will assist you to make the decision a little easier. Apparently, once you decide which type of pressure washer is the best fit for your cleaning requirements, other factors like fuel type, mobility, etc. come into the picture.

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Hot Water vs. Cold Water Pressure Washers

Who needs a cold-water pressure washer?

Cold Water Power WasherA cold water pressure washer is adequate for a range of cleaning applications. Cleaning dirt and common debris is a snap with the cold-water model.

Any wall with lose painting, sand and mud can be cleaned thoroughly by using a cold pressure washer. And the best part? They work great on heat sensitive materials and surfaces, where using a hot-water model can damage the facade.

On top of it, cold-water models are quite versatile and are available at affordable rates. However, these are ineffective in cleaning greased or slippery surfaces. Hot pressure washer triumphs in cleaning tough surfaces, hands down.

 Why use a hot pressure washer?

Yes, cold water pressure washing is a very efficient method of cleaning, compared to the manual scrubbing process.

Check this out:

Using a hot water pressure washer can accelerate the entire process by a whopping 50% or even more. Quite impressive right?

In other words, it will take you just half the time when compared with the cold water pressure washing for the same surface.

Think about this: 

We choose hot water over cold water in our daily lives for doing most of the day-to-day chores like washing dishes, white clothes, even carpets, etc. While cleaning the greasy dishes, you may have noticed that it is hard to remove the greasy stains even with enough soap and water.  However, removing stains is a breeze when you use hot water instead of cold water.  You can extend the same logic to cleaning pressure washers.

Hot water pressure washerIt’s a no-brainer that the hot water pressure washer can clean up greased surfaces a lot faster than cold water washers. They work efficiently in cleaning heavy and dirty stains especially in restaurant kitchens and factory floors.

Moreover, with a heated pressure washer, moss and lichens can be taken care of effortlessly. What’s more, it also helps to slow-down the re-growth as hot water kills the existing bacteria.

Needless to say, a hot water washer makes cleaning process very simple. Bon voyage, to hard scrubbings and cleansing. Hot water washing can easily remove even the annoying chewing gums that once never left their sticking spots on sidewalks.

Plus, since there is no manual scrubbing involved in this process, there are no cuts that can damage the wall or surface you are cleaning.

Why is hot-water pressure washer more efficient?

Let me take you back to the good old chemistry-classes for a while.

Heat and energy excite the molecules and increases the kinetic energy. When temperature is more than 200-degree Fahrenheit, water molecules can break free from the covalent bonds. Electric hot water pressure washer works on the same principle.

The heat reduces the surface tension of the water and this results in deeper penetration and better cleaning results. The hot water increases the temperature and helps grease and oil to break free.

What causes the water to heat in a pressure washer?

Wonder how a pressure washer works? Here’s how.

The water enters the pressure washer from a tank via a garden hose and goes through a high-pressure pump. This pump increases the velocity of the water and directs it to the heating coil. The coiling structure is so that the water gets maximum exposure to the heat. When the water gusts out, it is extremely hot, almost reaching the boiling point.

What is the expected price range?

When we compared the two types of pressure washers, the hot water power washer stands better, and you’d be right to think that it is also costlier. The hot water model requires a complete heating mechanism. The cost of manufacturing extra components like the expensive copper tubing, the heating coil, etc. increases too, hence the price of hot water pressure washers.

How much maintenance a pressure washer needs?

At this point, you must have realized that a hot water pressure washer requires a lot more care compared to a cold water power washer. Cold water units are durable and require little maintenance; even the gas-powered pressure washers are much easier to maintain compared to a hot water washer.

Which pressure washer is the best for you – cold water or hot water power washer?

Go with a hot-water model if you intend to clean the premises regularly. Not only hot water machines are more efficient, but also make your cleaning process a lot simpler and faster. On the other hand, if your cleaning requirements are limited and do not involve any tough to tackle surface, then a cold water washer should be sufficient.

Pros and cons of Hot Pressure Washer


  • Is fast and efficient
  • Ideal for cleaning tough stains which include grime, fats, oils, grease and other pigments
  • Helps to reduce the usage of detergent
  • Perfect for continuous and effortless cleaning


  • Requires more maintenance than a cold water washer
  • Is very expensive
  • Is heavy and bulky in size

Pros and cons of Cold Pressure Washers


  • Recommended for removing debris and substrate
  • Requires very little maintenance
  • Is extremely durable
  • These are cheap washers and are available on a low budget
  • They are lightweight and portable


  • Use of detergent is necessary
  • Scrubbing and sponging may be required for tougher cleaning jobs
  • Is not recommended for removal of oil and grease
  • Not as versatile as a Hot Pressure Washer


By this time, you must have understood that a hot water power washer is a lot more efficient than a cold water machine. However, it also requires just as much maintenance. While on the other hand, a cold water pressure washer is cheap, durable and requires less maintenance. Nevertheless, it is not efficient compared to a hot water machine.

Every household has a different cleaning issue and depending on the problem at hand, you need to select the pressure washer. You can zero in the pressure washer type based on the cleaning requirement.

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