Ivation Electric Pressure Washer (Review)

Are you looking for the best electric pressure washer that you can use for residential purposes and that too under your budget? Ivation 2200 PSI 1.8 GPM is the one choice that has all the features available plus the budget won’t stress much on your pocket. If we talk about the power provided by this machine, the Ivation electric pressure washer works on an arduous 14.5 Amps and 1600 Watt motor.

Yes, you read that right. 

It can generate 1.8 GPM water flow and 2200 PSI pressure when operated on its maximum.

Let us take a sneak-peek at the various features through our detailed review.

Ivation electric pressure washer review

Ivation Electric Pressure Washer

Ivation Power Washer

According to the Ivation user manual, the machine is ideal for cleaning homes, cars, boats, driveways, decks etc. But with the maximum pressure of 2200 PSI, it may not be ideal for cleaning the second story siding.

Setup of this unit is quite simple. It is a lightweight unit weighing not more than 13.3 kg and is easy-to-carry-around due to its two humongous wheels. The high-pressure hose is 20 feet long with diameter 0.5 inches while the poser cord’s length is 30 feet for convenience during cleaning.

Ivation pressure washer parts such as 5 interchangeable easy-to-connect nozzles that range from 0-40 degrees plus a foam nozzle with the package makes it easy to use it variably according to your cleaning need. Moreover, you get a myriad of washer heads that can be used to clean a variety of surfaces that may be tough to clean.

It also comes along with an on-board nozzle storage. What does that mean to you? Well, you can store all the attachments in one place.

Less mess to handle.

This saves the space in your garage to keep it. Moreover, if you want to engage in deeper cleaning, you can use the detergent dispenser contained in this washer.

Big News:

The Ivation portable pressure washer comes with two wands:

  1. Regular (for general cleaning)
  2. Turbo spray (for manoeuvrability in cleaning hard-to-reach areas and the undercarriage in vehicles).


  1. Auto-shutoff feature that shuts it down when the system is not in use.
  2. TSS (Total Stop System) technology that only runs according to your actions on the trigger.
  3. Brush motor has safety features such as thermal sensors for preventing over-heating.
  4. Self-suction system available that helps you to use the standalone feature to pump out water from still sources on non-availability of hose.
  5. The integrated detergent tank avoids the use of a bucket for keeping your detergent.
  6. The on-board storage makes it easier to carry all the instruments and store them.


  1. Only one year of warranty.
  2. There is no knob on the machine for switching over to water from soap.
  3. Lack of hose reel.

Ivation 2200 PSI is one of the effective power washers to clean your driveway, motorcycle, fence, RV and the list goes on. You can also use it for inside your home for the tough dirt which is difficult to clean otherwise.

I hope my review on Ivation electric pressure washer proved to be useful for you. If you loved the post, please share it.

Happy cleaning, folks!


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