Karcher K1900 Electric Pressure Washer [Review]

So what’s your plan for this Sunday? Care to clean the patio and garden? Heck no – it’s a boring and tedious job. Right? Wouldn’t it be great if somebody else did all this and left you with the trigger? Kinda like handing you a loaded gun! Karcher K1900 electric pressure washer, from the company that takes cleaning equipment very seriously. Known for their brand power and innovation Kärcher have managed to incorporate an on / off foot switch in the K1900. What else is new? Check it out:

Important features of Karcher K1900

The Kärcher electric pressure washer comes with integrated, metal extrusions for that extra durability. The cord winding feature is great. Combined with a tall, rotating handle with folding adjustment and a removable 1-gallon detergent tank, the K1900 comes out as a very user friendly and compact product.

A large storage tank provides extra space for that winded cord and your accessories while you clean. Just don’t drop your iPhone in there and you’ll be fine. And get this: the operation of this washer is easier to use than its counterparts. This is due to the universal quick connect wands and standard M22 hose connection. Snap ’n’ Spray. Spray ‘n’ Pray!

It’s powered by an induction motor, which is durable and cheap. Helps keeps the price down. With oversized wheels, you can play trolley all day long. How cool is that?


How Karcher K1900 works

To begin with, our premises are prone to stains, mud spots, paints, and above all, your little Da Vinci’s modern art. This sturdy, yellow and black wonder magically reaches all possible corners to squeaky clean everything. The turbo 40-degree nozzle with 1900 PSI and 1.3 GPM water spray rotates circularly to loosen and clean dirt and grime.

But that’s not all! The pressured flux removes dirt from slits of fencings, side walls on garage door and folds of front walls as well as the adjoining fence between you and your neighbours.

The 15-degree nozzle handles the remaining work to remove micro particles and adamant stains. The soap nozzle is used to apply detergent over the area to be cleaned.


1] Innovative foot switch;

2] Folding handle;

3] Easy assembly;

4] Certified by PWMA101;

5] Accurate PSI and GPM rating;

6] Hassle free replacement and aftersales service;

7] 3 Years warranty.


1] Water supply needs to be compatible with 1900 PSI and 1.3 GPM;

2] Soap dispenser is unreliable;

3] Difficult assembly;

4] Noisy.

To buy or to not, that is the question!

There is very little to complain about in this amazing washer. Metallic construction, trigger gun safety lock and a ground fault circuit interrupter cord are just a few great features in the K1900.

In a nutshell, it should be an excellent buy if you keep certain things in mind –

  • Diameter of your garden hose should be at least 16 mm;
  • Water supply minimum flow rate 2 GPM and temperature maximum 40°C.


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