Simpson MSH3125-S Pressure Washer Review

Do you know that there is a major difference between an electric pressure washer and a gas-run model? Well, the latter creates humongous amount of pressure as compared to the former. Are you looking out for something similar for your cleaning project? Simpson MSH3125-S is a nifty pressure washer you need to look forward to.

Simpson MSH3125-S Pressure Washer Review

Here’s the deal:

Simpson megashot 3100 is a powerful gas pressure cleaner that is equipped with the prominent Honda CV910 Engine and still remains in your budget. There are a myriad of nozzles that comes with this unit, each providing you with a different style of cleaning.

What’s the real story?

Simpson MSH3125-S review

Simpson MSH3125-S Power Cleaner

Simpson 3100 psi pressure washer is easy to move around due to its 10-inch pneumatic tires. You can clean your backyard with great ease due to its lightweight structure, roughly 65 pounds.

This heavy-duty power cleaner has a horizontal orientation design which makes it more reliable and easy-to-use. Even with this structure, it carrier the not-so-famous-not-so-durable axial cam pump.

It has a downstream injection system which increases its complexity. The siphon hose that it uses doesn’t have the detergent in an onboard tank which makes it a bit difficult to apply it.

Since this machine has lots of power in its storage, you will have to be careful about handling it.

Guess what?

The cleaning power rating on the Honda powered pressure washer is a colossal 7750 which makes enhances its authenticity for power-based cleaning. It has 3100 PSI and 2.5 GPM plus patented Power Boost Technology that can provide you with an extensively high pressure at the nozzle.

Let us have a look at the pros and cons of the Simpson MSH3125 3100.


  • Powerful Engine – Honda manufactures the engine in Simpson pressure washer. Honda is one of the leading companies that manufactures reliable machine parts, and hence you can rely upon its durability.
  • High Quality Material – Are you wondering about the durability and vigour of Simpson msh3125-s? Well, it will match your expectations with its high pressure poly-braided hose, tough welded steel frame and pneumatic tires.
  • High Cleaning Power Rating – The reason why you would want this pressure washer with Honda engine is that it provides you with a high flow rate and pressure – 2.5 gallons per minute & 3100 pounds per square inch.
  • Convenient Design – It has a simple-to-use ergonomically designed structure with a pro-style spray gun with an anti-vibration pump. Moreover, the nozzles are made of steel and fittings with brass. This ensures that there is no water leakage.
  • Wide Variety of options – I personally found the five sprays of the Simpson power washer quite useful. There are different cleaning projects that you may be engaged in your residential area and thus the five spray options (0, 12, 20, 40-degree, soap tip) stands worthy.


  • Huge Size – Due to the powerful motor it houses, Simpson pressure washer is a huge machine with the overall dimensions – 33 inches x 21 inches x 19 inches. You might have to be ready to prepare some room for this.

Bottom Line?

In spite of the few cons of Simpson megashot 3100, this is clearly a powerful residential power cleaner. Hence, it is the best bet for tough cleaning requirements.

With Simpson pressure washer, you can take care of a number of household chores in just a few minutes. Happy Cleaning, folks!


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